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Our Chapter 7 pricing for a simple Chapter 7 is currently $999 plus filing fees paid
to the Courts at time of filing. Your case is handled by an Attorney.
                      *****We Offer Convenient Payment Plans*****

Complex Chapter 7 pricing is base on the complexity of the case.  
We also handle Chapter 11 and 7 cases for businesses.

We are a debt relief law firm. We help businesses and people file for Bankruptcy as their attorneys under the Bankruptcy Code. The information given on this site is
not nor is it intended to be legal advice nor does it create an attorney client relationship. You should consult an attorney about your own specific circumstances and
legal needs.             
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Helped people who had lost their jobs to downsizing file Chapter 7 and keep
their cars and homes as they restarted their lives with a fresh start they

Filed Chapter 11 and converted to Chapter 7 for a multi million dollar small
business but negotiated release of personal guarantees for owners.

Assisted the owners of several small businesses through Chapter 7 of both
business and personal bankruptcies to obtain a fresh start.

Advised corporation in multi-million dollar bankruptcy restructuring. Owners of
corporation successfully restructured to profitable status. Negotiated with
secured and unsecured lenders to achieve goals.

Small family service business advised for restructuring to profitability.
Negotiated with lenders to allow new repayment terms.

Manufacturing company negotiations to arrive at release of guaranties on
liquidation of assets and winding down of business.

Negotiated new terms on loans to allow ongoing operations of manufacturing

These are some of our experiences. We can never guarantee an outcome
and yours might be different from the experiences cited above
The David Samuel Brown Law firm is ready to help you in your legal needs.