David Samuel Brown Law Firm, P.L.L.C.
The David Samuel Brown Law Firm takes clients through every phase of the
estate planning process. We thoroughly analyze our client's financial and family
circumstances. We try to step into our client's shoes to be able to view
circumstances from their perspective while still giving opinions with our
perspective and experience in mind. Then with our clients input we help to
define their goals. We prepare all necessary documents including but not
limited to trust agreements, intra family agreements, buy-sell agreements and
wills and trusts. We provide clarity and detail with all agreements and
documents to help avoid later family disputes.

Because many of our clients are business clients also The David Samuel Brown
Law Firm is able to handle the entire range of our clients needs. It allows us
great insight into our clients desires and goals. This allows us to successfully
reach our clients objectives in estate planning.

Estate administration whether contested or quiet is also part of The David
Samuel Brown Law Firm trust and estate practice.