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Car Accidents
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     What to Do If You Have Been In An Accident or Wreck  
1.Do not sign any document, do not make a recorded statement to anyone, do not sign any type of release of
your claim.

2. Do call us immediately or e-mail us so we can help you and your case. We can help immediately by
interviewing witnesses, getting affidavits, preserving evidence and not letting the insurance company discuss the
events with witnesses before we do.

3. Take pictures of the incident or wreck. Take witness names and their phone numbers and license plate  
numbers. If you need us to we will take the pictures, but speed is of the essence.

4. Visit a qualified medical doctor as soon as you can to be treated and begin the proper treatment to regain your
health. A doctor also helps to document the injuries for your insurance claim. We can help you find a doctor if
you need us to.

5. Do not talk to anyone from the insurance company, they are in business to NOT pay your claims and will try
to twist and change your conversation to minimize or deny your claim.

6. Remember the insurance companies make money by not paying claims and that includes yours. The insurance
company will be your opponent and will try to minimize your claim or deny it, they have personnel trained just to
do that.  Call us now we are on your side.

                  Call us now so we can fight for your rights