David Samuel Brown Law Firm, P.L.L.C.
No matter where you are in your business; just starting up, in the middle, or
about to dissolve your business, The David Samuel Brown Law Firm can help
you reach your objectives. We pride ourselves on providing high quality, cost
effective legal advice to businesses of all sizes.

We offer in depth knowledge in entity formation and planning. We provide you
with guidance in the creation of the proper legal structure to maximize the
effectiveness of your business. After creation we continue to guide our clients
through the processes of maintaining proper records to keep your business in
full compliance with all applicable laws.

Our firm can assist you in negotiating the transaction and drafting the
documents you need to succeed in today's demanding business environment.
We regularly negotiate contracts and create agreements for our clients. We
negotiate transactions to meet our client's goals whether an employment
agreement, a contract with a vendor, sale of a business, or any other
transaction. Our firm is available to assist you with all your transactional
needs. Clients from many industries, local and international in scope are
regular and satisfied clients of our firm.

Business succession planning is a particular strength of ours as is the buying
and selling of businesses. We are able to handle a wide variety of clients and
their worldwide business interests.

The David Samuel Brown Law Firm has the experience to help your business
get from point A to point B.; to reach it's goals with success. Let us be your
guide through the complicated sets of laws that apply to your business needs.