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The David Samuel Brown Law Firm is dedicated in helping our clients, people
and businesses who are struggling with debt amid todays economic hardships
in a friendly, dignified and ultimately successful way.

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Bankruptcy was designed to help people and businesses who have become so
inundated with debt they can no longer pay their bills or other obligations.
Bankruptcy provides a way to obtain financial relief, to get a second chance for
a fresh start and to regain control of your financial life.

You can eliminate most debts or reorganize your business to reach for financial

Achieve Financial Freedom and let us help you use the bankruptcy option best
for you.

                                                  Chapter 7
Chapter 7 is also known as liquidation and it is the most common and favored
form of bankruptcy. It discharges most unsecured debts. It does not discharge
child support, most student loans, personal injury damages, tax debts and court
                                                 Chapter 13
Chapter 13 consolidates a persons debts and restructures them into a workable
monthly payment plan. Usually the payment plans are for 3 to 5 years and
makes the portion of debt to be repaid manageable.
                                                  Chapter 11
Chapter 11 is available to business experiencing financial troubles. A business
can continue to operate while under the protection of the bankruptcy court from
creditors while it reorganizes it's debt and finances. Generally, the management
stays in control of the company while it reorganizes and ultimately submits a
plan to emerge from bankruptcy with restructured finances for a fresh start.

The David Samuel Brown Law Firm has the experience in local to international
business matters needed to help our clients reach their goals successfully.

Whether you are a business, business owner, or individual we are here for you.

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